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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1: If I have 2 x 200ft films and I only buy 1 x 400 ft transfer is this correct?

Ans: Unfortunately not. Our rates are based on process , threading and mastering times.

Please choose the rate that fits your reel size ie 2 x 200ft units. This means buying 2 x 200ft listings .

Q2:What is your postal address to send my order to:

Ans: Please send your order to : AV Transfer Services, Att: Howard . 26 Featherstone Gardens, Borehamwood WD6 2LW.

Kindly download and print out our order form here Requires Adobe Acrobat reader to display correctly.

Q3:Hi I have a VHS tape of 3hrs. What is the process of getting it on DVD and how do you take payment etc?

Ans: VHS Video to DVD is 9.99 excluding return postage . Each additional tape is charged at the same rate .

Simply post the tape onto us , including a cheque made to us and we do the rest , Alternatively you can paypal us securely. Please include a copy of our order form and payment which is available on this page and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Q4:My Video is longer than three hours - what do I need to tell you?

Ans:If your tape runs over 3 Hours ie. Lp mode and 4 Hour Tapes, please contact us for the correct rate as your tape will require two DVD discs in order to maintain the highest quality.

Q5: Do you offer any discounts?

Although our rates are very economical, senior citizens qualify for a discount when paying by cheque or cash. Bulk orders of over 25 items* also qualify for a discount. (*Scans and Slides over 200 items)

Q6: Do you post back recorded delivery the DVD and the original tape?

Hi there, yes the tape and disc are returned to you , unless you request only the disc.

We usually use first class mail , unless the listing specifies a lesser service. Special Delivery is available, please enquire for costing.

Q7: Do you combine several videos onto DVD's.

We can do so if requested. Ideally this is only done when the supplied material does not exceed a run time of 2 hours in total. The rate remains the same however as the costing is based on studio time rather than blank discs. We can squeeze more onto a single DVD but this is not recommended for visual quality.

We also can combine cine films into fewer DVD's which is common as they have a shorter run time. Approximately 1600 ft can comfortably fit onto 1 DVD

Q8: Q: I require extra copies of my home video for friends and family. Can you assist?

Ans:Hi there, yes we can and there is a nominal charge of 2.50 for every extra duplicate.

Q9: Does your Disc include Artwork

Ans: By default all our services exclude any printing or labelling. We can produce full disc and cover artwork at a nominal charge. Most items are packaged with the disc they have been transferred to in order to facilitate quick identification.

Q10: Do you know when I should expect it back?

Ans:Hello there, items are usually processed and sent back within 3-5 working days of it arriving.(postal system dependant) tnx howard

Q11: The video material is private and I would like to know what guarantee I have that it will not be disclosed to anyone else or land up on Youtube?

Ans: Our studio is owner run. All video and film material is processed on site and we are happy to sign a confidentiality agreement for sensitive material. This applies to high profile clients , business and state institutions. Please contact us should you have any queries in this regard.

Q12:Are you as good looking as your photo on the website?

Even better, much better ! :-)

We can help you preserve those golden memories forever !