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Audio & Video Editing Services

We offer audio and video editing services, Sound and Visual Services are available by arrangement

Audio & Video Editing Services

All Material Once converted to Digital can be edited when requested.

We are able to provide you with disc of files shoulld you wish to edit them in your own time using the many windows and mac program available. We can also supply or use your own portable Hard Frive or memory card to download your material onto.

Alternatively you can arrange to visit us and sit with our engineer and produce you audio or video programme. Please call for time and cost envolved. This is available on our operation hours only.

Sound and Visual Services

Editing with one of our engineers:
Green Screen Backdrop or filmed personal presentation for the introduction or narration of your home videos or films:
As you require, we set up our facility for the production.
This involves a base charge of £25. Each hour in the studio is charged at £35 or part therof.

Overdub or Narration of your films.
Recording of a voice demo or blog, voiceover artist demo.
Editing of your old videos / showreels /photographic layout /design, editing enhancement.
Please contact us should this service be required.

Our Services

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